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Wine critics

Wine Owners gives users information on fine wines within their cellars, which also includes some scores and reviews by selected wine writers and critics.

The information accessible on Wine Owners is no substitute for the complete body of work that can be accessed via subscription or registration to the websites and newsletters offered by the wine writers themselves.

There is far more information on the wine writers websites that the discerning enthusiast, collector or investor will benefit from, including vintage reports, wine articles, forums - not to mention the coverage of wine specific information.

Wine reviews

We strongly recommend that you investigate the websites of the respective wine writers, and subscribe to the ones that you feel best suit your needs. To help you do that, we provide easy access to their websites via links embedded in the wine writer's name wherever it displays.

Just click on a wine writer's name and you will open their website in a new browser.

Wine writers websites will help you to make the most informed buying and selling decisions from whichever source you choose to use. We hope you take advantage via those websites of their experience and guidance.

Popular critic sites

Links to popular critic sites:

Please note that Wine owners is not responsible for third party content.