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Offer to match

When there is a wine you wish to sell and there is already an interested buyer on the exchange, if you are willing to sell your wine at their suggested price, you can can "offer to match" that price.


When you offer to match, the buyer is notified of your offer and has 48 hours to review and either accept or reject your offer.

Acceptance and rejection

You cannot amend or remove this offer until the person who created the open bid that you matched to has accepted or rejected your offer.

If your offer is rejected, your offer becomes available in the market and you will receive a confirmatory email.

When your offer to match an open bid price is accepted by the buyer, they will have the option to request a pre-sale inspection, in order to verify that the condition of the wine is as described.

Inspection and escrow

Inspection takes place after the buyer has paid but before the payment is transferred to you. During this period of up to 7 working days payment is held in a suspense account (a form of escrow) by us.

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