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67 Pall Mall in partnership with Wine Owners helps collectors to organise, value and track their collections thanks to world-class portfolio management tools and information. Turn those piles of paper, emailed statements and invoices into a well-organised portfolio that is easy to keep track of. Active self-management no longer needs to be time-consuming.

Buying and selling is made exceptionally easy thanks to an integrated fine wine exchange. Collectors can offer for sale from their online portfolios, buy at trade market prices and are able to accept bids from peers on wines in their portfolios. Logistics and settlement are handled by 67 Pall Mall on your behalf, ensuing the entire process is fuss-free. It is fun and safe thanks to assured processes whilst your privacy is protected at all times.

What collectors say

As a passionate collector and drinker of wine I was delighted to discover Wine Owners. It has enabled me to fill in some of the gaps in my cellar (particularly the Rhone, Burgundy and Italy) with some excellent wines, either for drinking now or cellaring, at highly competitive prices.

Anthony Thomson, Founder Metro Bank

I have put all my UK stored wines onto Wine Owners' system and have sold some 50 cases with a profit margin of more than 50 per cent for me so far. It has been a very good experience; I did not know how much my wines were worth and was exhilarated to see the value of what I had amassed.

Per Jonsson, Industrial Advisor