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Wine sales peer to peer

Offering a wine for sale

You can now sell wine peer to peer with a community of wine lovers and collectors, through a fine wine exchange that guarantees the best deal for everyone.

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Market pricing

Market Pricing

Wine Owners puts you in control, provides up to date market prices on 250,000 fine wines with 10 year pricing history to help you accurately price your wine, and makes the whole process totally transparent.

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Low commissions

Wine stored at home

We help you to retain a high proportion of your wine sales proceeds thanks to very low sales commissions of no more than 6.5% + VAT. Our buyer’s premium is just 2.5%.

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Introduction to wine trading

You can sell all your wine on the fine wine exchange, whether professionally stored or at home in a wine cellar, wine fridge, wine cooler or wine fridge.

Introduction to wine trading (2m 13s)

Professionally stored wine


If your wine is in professional storage, you simply need to upload details of your stored wines into your account, including rotation numbers if available.

This is easy to do using the online wine wizard, a new bulk upload facility, or contact us for help.

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Home cellars or wines kept in self-storage


If you want to sell your wine stored at home, we offer a comprehensive service to inspect, photograph, pack and organise collection into a professional storage account we set up for you.

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"I considered multiple options for selling my wine stored at home, having used a variety of services in the past. I decided to give Wine Owners a chance and am so impressed by the prices achieved and their service, that I intend to use them for selling the remainder.

Their commissions are amazingly low when you consider the alternatives, not to mention the time they spend organising the packing, photography and delivery out. They recharge extras such as cardboard packaging and delivery at cost which is very fair and opened my eyes to the costs of properly preparing wine for sale.

A hassle free method of selling wine that gave me more of the net sales proceeds than any other option, and it felt like I was in control."

Keith P.

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