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Wine Owners solves the problem of managing your collection of wines, even when sourced and stored in numerous locations, by providing a consolidated portfolio to view and manage.

Creating cellars

The Add cellar wizard allows you to create as many cellars as you like in three easy steps:

  • Click on Add cellar from the Wine Management drop-down, then give your first cellar a name
  • Specify if it's a professionally stored cellar (bonded wine warehouse) or a home cellar. This is important as you can only store in bond wines in a professional wine storage.
  • Enter the cellar's address. If it's professionally stored, you will be able to select from a list of locations in the UK and Bordeaux. If you are in doubt about the location of your wine stored via a merchant contact us and we will be able to advise.

Once you've set up your cellars, you're now ready to start adding your wines.

Adding wines

There are three methods of adding wines to your cellar:

  1. Use our Wine Wizard
    Search the Wine Owners database of over 250,000 wines to:
    • Click on Add Wine from the Wine Management drop-down, and enter the name of a wine. As you type, a list of wines that contain the words you have entered will present as a drop-down, and you should click on the name that corresponds with your wine.
    • select a vintage
    • assign it to a cellar
    • input the bottle and pack size
    • add as much purchase and condition information as you can to the Wine Passport
  2. Have us do it for you
    If you have an electronic copy of your wine details, such as in an Excel or Mac Numbers spreadsheet.
  3. Automatic upload
    If you store your wines with a professional storage facility, we may be able to take an electronic feed of your holdings *

Once authorised, we'll ensure that regular updates are applied.

* depending on the warehouse

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