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How to manage your wines‹ BACK

Please click on the Sample icon icons below for more information.

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  • Number of records:
    This will display the number of your wine asset records.

  • Cellar information:
    This will display the currency and region of your assets. You can add, edit or delete your cellars in the preferences section.

  • Records per Page:
    Use this drop-down to select the number of records per page you wish to view.

  • Value:
    Use this drop-down to select the value of records you wish to view. Please note you can choose between viewing data by the bottle or by the case.

  • Gain/Loss:
    Use this drop-down to select the period of time you wish to view. This is to allow you to view the gain or loss over a specified period of time.

  • Sort by:
    Use the first drop-down to select your sort criteria. Then use the second drop-down to select your viewing order.

  • View key:
    Click here to view the icon key. This will explain the meaning of the various icons.

  • Wine record:
    This displays the wine name, production region, drinking advice and average Wine Owners ratings score. Click on the wine name to open the wine record. Here you will find all the core information as well as links to the price comparison graph, ratings and reviews, producer information and the wine passport.

  • Price graph:
    Click the graph icon to open the price comparison graph.