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About us

Wine trading platform - short introduction

Wine Owners is a UK-based portfolio management and trading exchange platform that launched in June 2013, specifically developed to meet the needs of wine collectors around the world.

The company was founded in 2011 by wine enthusiast and technology-for-marketing executive, Nick Martin, along with ex-Shell technologist and software development entrepreneur Wolter Visscher, and is based at First floor, Vine Hill within central London's thriving new media technology district.

In 2014 the company launched a version of its platform localised for the Hong-Kong market.

Market Context

Over the past decade managing a portfolio of assets online, also known as self-directed portfolio management, has become the norm for consumers in equity markets. The principles of online portfolio management and direct access to global markets have spread into many other business sectors.

These platforms are classically integrated with online trading exchanges. This allows private clients complete control of their portfolios, transparency of market pricing, trends and supporting information, and gives them direct access to global markets.

By collectors for collectors

Nick Martin's personal experience as a wine collector and enthusiast was typical. He found it hard to keep an up-to-date record of his wines and to track his total aggregate outlay, whilst the process of valuation and evaluation was desperately time-consuming. It frustrated him that going through the usual channels for selling his wine often meant waiting months before receiving payment.

Having discovered that he was part of a £2bn+ global and growing industry and that his needs as a collector and enthusiast were widely shared, he set about creating the platform that would answer his needs and those of wine enthusiasts and collectors the world over. For a solution to be viable he figured it had to be comprehensive: Wine Owners had to build both world-class portfolio management and an integrated peer-to-peer trading exchange.

The case for wine

We knew scarcity and demand drive collectible markets that are dominated by enthusiasts. Fine wine fits this model due to relative liquidity and widespread demand. What’s also true is that a market is especially attractive when:

  • Demand is globalising
  • Supply is limited
  • Authoritative information and analysis tools bring transparency to a market

Wine Owners provides the market transparency that has hitherto been the preserve of wine professionals, and ensures all of these preconditions are now in place for the fine wine market.

A portfolio management platform is arguably even more important to wine lovers than investors in equities, gold, property and other regulated assets. Buying and selling may be an important part of constructing and managing a wine collection, but it’s as important for the online platform to be informative, fun and reflective of fine wine appreciation in every sense of the word.

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