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How to buy a wine that is not for sale on the exchange‹ BACK

Please click on the Sample icon icons below for more information.

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  • New bid
    If there is a wine you would like to buy and there isn’t an exact match for sale in the fine wine exchange, you can create a “NEW BID”. This is an invitation to owners of this wine to sell it to you at the price you specify. To do this click on the “NEW BID” button.

  • New bid on wines with existing bids
    You can create a “NEW BID” on any wine in the Wine Owners’s referential database of 250,000 entries. You can do this by hovering over the “Bid” price. This will be open a window with further details and the “ NEW BID” button. You can also do this by clicking the ‘BUY’button above the market listings.

  • Place new bid
    Once you have selected a wine to bid on, please enter the quantity you would like to purchase, check the other information and press continue. You must specify an expiry date when creating an open bid.

    Go to the fine wine exchange