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How to buy wine in market‹ BACK

Please click on the Sample icon icons below for more information.

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  • Wine available to buy
    If there is a wine you would like to buy and it is already for sale on the fine wine exchange, you can buy that wine by accepting the current invitation to ‘buy now’ from that wine owner. To do this locate the wine in the fine wine exchange and hover over the “Offer” price. This will be open a window with further details and the “BUY NOW” button.

  • Buy now
    Click the “BUY NOW” button to start a purchase. Please note the entire website is secure.

  • Buy wine
    Once you have selected a wine to buy, please enter the quantity you would like to purchase, check the other information and press continue.

  • Post-trade, pre-settlement inspection
    When you choose to buy now you have the option to request a pre-settlement inspection report, in order to verify that the condition of the wine is as described on the exchange. Inspection takes place after you have paid but before the payment is transferred to the seller. During this period of up to 7 working days payment is held in a client suspense account (a form of escrow) by us.

  • Wine Passport
    This gives you details of the wine’s history and condition where they have been provided. When you buy from a Private seller they are anonymous.

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